Friday, 3 February 2017

Seven Important Uses of Indicating Silica Gel Blue Beads

Importance of Silica Gel Beads
Silica Gel is an important desiccant having wide use across many industries. The desiccant has a large surface area as well as many even-sized pores, which are useful in absorbing more moisture molecules across more area. Silica Gel is generally available in balls, beads and granular format. In their bead format, Silica Gel can be easily placed with different items like shoes, electronic and leather goods, food items etc. Silica Gel beads can be categorized into indicating and non-indicating. Indicating Silica Gel beads change colour when they become saturated while the non-indicating Silica Gel beads remain colorless. Indicating Silica Gel beads are available in pink, blue, green and orange colours. The reason why Silica Gel beads are important and much in use is because they are easy to handle, readily available and highly cost-effective.
Seven Major Uses of Indicating Silica Gel Blue Bead Sachets
Now let us take a look at some of the main uses of Indicating Silica Gel Blue Bead Sachets. Seven of these are given in detail below:
1) Humidity Absorption: This is the main use of Indicating Silica Gel. Silica Gel crystals find use across a wide range of industries like oil and natural gas, chemical, petrochemicals in removing moisture molecules, that may cause many problems. Silica Gel Indicating Desiccant ensures the smooth functioning of machinery without any moisture disruptions.
2) Large-scale dehydration: Silica Gel beads are the best choice if one wants to undertake dehydration on a large scale. They can absorb all the moisture from the large area as they have numerous even-sized pores.
3) Keeping transformers moisture-free: Silica Gel blue are widely used to keep transformers free from humidity as the latter’s presence is harmful for its functioning. Indicating silica gel are the best for this purpose as they will let one know immediately when the desiccant is completely saturated.
4) In air-conditioners: Silica Gel beads are also used in air-conditioners to maintain optimum moisture levels.
5) In households: Silica Gel beads have many uses in households to keep packed goods moisture free and ensure that packages are protected against moisture.
6) Keep tools moisture-free: Important tools are kept moisture free by placing them in Zip-lock bags containing Silica Gel sachets. These Silica Gel crystals will remove all the moisture from the tools, thus preventing oxidation.

7) Aviation industry: Lastly, they are used in the aviation sector to keep equipment humidity free. 

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